March 10, 2016

BHR Partners proudly sponsored and attended this year’s two-day private equity and venture capital conference hosted by the Asian Venture Capital Journal, Asia’s leading private equity and venture capital magazine.  CEO Jonathan Li presented his views on the hazards and challenges often associated with Chinese companies seeking to acquire overseas targets at the “Cross-border deals - the reality behind the promise” panel discussion.  Illustrating with real-life cases, Jonathan cautioned the audience in exercising prudence on valuation and underscored the importance of comprehensive due diligence and integration at operational, financial as well as cultural levels.  Other esteemed panelists from Fosun, NDE, Mandarin Capital, among others, also offered their views and shared their collective wisdom at this discussion attended by leading GP and LP institutions as well as company executives seeking to partner with financial investors.     

Prior to the conference, Jonathan and Xin Wang (Managing Partner) also sat down with AVCJ for an exclusive interview on BHR history, growth, strategy and recent cross-border M&A activities.  For more details, please visit:

BHR Partners at the Asia Venture Capital Journal Forum

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