Unique Sino-U.S Investment Platform

As the designated cross-border investment arm of Bohai Industrial Investment Fund ("Bohai Capital"), China's first RMB-deonominated private equity investment fund, we benefit from the tremendous support of Bohai Capital's legacy shareholders and its sprawling network of China's largest and best-known industrial conglomerates and financial institutions, with whom we partner in seeking and in implementing overseas acquisitions. 

We count, amongst our legacy shareholders through Bohai Capital, the Bank of China, whose global network and financial support have been invaluabe in our cross-border endeavors. 

Veteran Investment Team

Our investment team consists of the core team members of Bohai Capital where they have worked together for nearly a decade closing an impressive portfolio of some of China's largest and most notable investments.   

Global Network

With offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and New York, and our unique Sino-U.S. shareholding structure, we are able to offer our investors global opportunities and the global resources and network to action on those opportunities. 

Corporate Governance

BHR adopts and complies with the strictest corporate governance and investment protocol to ensure the safety and integrity of each investor's funds.  Our in-house legal and compliance team has implemented strict check-and-balance mechanisms between the business team, supporting team, deal sourcing team, execution team, investment team and portfolio management team, with the exclusive view of protecting and maximing return for our investors.