Formed in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone in December 2013 as its first cross-border investment private equity firm, BHR is the cross-border investment arm of Bohai Industrial Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. ("Bohai Capital").  Our other sponsors include Harvest Fund Management Co., Ltd. ("Harvest"), Ulysses Diversified Inc. (“Ulysses”), Skaneateles, LLC (“Skaneateles”), Thornton Group LLC ("Thornton") and our management team.  We also enjoy the support of Bank of China, China Development Bank Capital, National Council of Social Security Fund, China Life, Postal Savings Bank of China, among others, as our suite of legacy shareholders through Bohai Capital.  Ulysses Diversified and Skaneateles are both diversified alternative investment and advisory holding companyies established in the U.S. whose affiliates manage assets in real estate and private equity funds.