Cross-Border M&A


Strategic Partner’s industrial expertise + BHR financial strength and cross-border experience = Successful Investment & Strong IRR


In pursuing cross-border M&A opportunities, we seek value investments in the high-end manufacturing, financial services, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, energy & resources, environmental technology and consumer goods sectors, particularly targets with advanced technology, with the view of providing our investors with upside gain coupled with downside protection. 


We make our investments through the acquisition of control stakes in target companies, either jointly with, or on behalf of, carefully selected leading Chinese industrial players best positioned to achieve synergy with, provide economies of scale and cost efficiency for, the relevant target companies as our strategic partner.


SOE Reform

In pursuing SOE reform opportunities, we seek to participate in both monopolistic/oligopolistic and certain competitive sectors, by identifying valuable and underutilized resources and assets and assisting portfolio companies to streamline operations, implement corporate governance and management incentives, alleviate resource mismanagement and allocative inefficiencies, with the view of improving overall efficiencies and profitability.


With the onset of SOE reform initiatives spearheaded by the Chinese government and its various regulatory and administrative organs, private investors are now permitted to invest in heretofore restricted sectors and assets and BHR, as one of the few private investors selected to participate in the State’s pilot SOE reform transaction involving Sinopec’s non-oil business segment, is well positioned in lead its investors to participate in the next wave of SOE reforms.